Glyph board

Table of contents

  1. Vip
  2. Dump
  3. Id
  4. (groups)
  5. Weight
  6. Width & Height


Flag this entity as VIP, resulting in verbose processing information.


Dump main entity data into the log window.


Integer ID of entity.


If any, the group(s) this glyph is part of. A group is a tag assigned to a glyph, related to the intended usage of the glyph. For example, VERTICAL_SEED is assigned to a glyph considered for the detection of stem candidates.


The normalized glyph weight.

The glyph raw weight (number of black pixels it is composed of) is divided by the square of interline value to provide the interline-normalized weight.

Width & Height

The normalized dimension of the glyph bounding box (raw dimension divided by interline value).