Multi-Measure Rest

new in 5.3

A multiple measure rest indicates a rest of more than one measure.

Table of contents

  1. Example
  2. Model
  3. Editing


It is drawn as a thick horizontal line centered on staff middle line with serifs at both ends, completed by a time-like number drawn above the staff.

In the example above, we have instances of multiple measure rests, on 5-line and 1-line staves.


Since release 5.3, with no need for a specific processing switch, these multiple rests are detected together with the related measure count number.


If not detected, we can still assign or drag a multiple rest item from the shape palette in its Rests set:

A double-click on a multiple rest enters its fairly limited editing status:

  • Vertically, the item remains stuck to the staff mid-line,
  • Horizontally, the mid handle can translate the whole item, while a side handle can resize it.

As for bar repeats editing, the measure count item can be assigned or dragged from the shape palette in its Time set.