.log files

Table of contents

  1. Session global log
  2. Batch books logs

Session global log

All messages displayed in Audiveris events window during the same session are also written into a separate log file located in Audiveris log folder (see Cached Folders).

The log file is named like 20180725T185854.log, according to the date and time of session start, formatted as “yyyymmdd” + T + “hhmmss”.

Such log is a simple text file meant for later analysis. In particular, it is very useful when filing a bug report on Audiveris Issues site.

The advanced user can precisely customize the logged information by manually editing the logging configuration file logback.xml located in Audiveris config folder (see Essential Folders).

Batch books logs

When running in batch, Audiveris can process hundreds of books in a row. As mentioned above, this results in one global log file, perhaps a huge one.

So, in addition to the global log file, the batch processing of each book stores all the book-related log events in a separate book log file.

This book log file has a name formatted as bookname-dateTtime.log. It is located in the book subfolder itself.

This eases later analysis of batch processing for any specific book.