For Windows only, there is an installer available in 64-bit version, which takes care of installing all Audiveris binaries.
The installer makes installation simple but has the main drawback of being limited to the last official release, which can be several months old.

For all three major operating systems, that is Windows, Linux and MacOS, you have the ability to download and build from source material.
The main advantage is to benefit from all the bug fixes and improvements that are continuously published on the Audiveris project site in its “development” branch.

In both cases, whether you decide to use the installer or to build Audiveris from source, there are two points to take care of:

Point #1: Proper Java version must be installed.
Audiveris version 5.3 requires Java version 17 or up.

Point #2: Suitable Tesseract OCR language files must be locally available.
Audiveris uses Tesseract OCR in legacy mode, which requires the standard (best) tessdata files.

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