Book Portions

Handling a one-image score is just a matter of one book with one sheet in it.
But handling cases of dozens or hundreds of score images may require more flexible approaches:

  • Imagine we have scanned several images resulting in several separate image files. If these images belong to the same movement, we will need a way to gather all these pieces at some point in time, in order to export the result as one MusicXML score.
  • Imagine on the contrary that we have a single huge input file that we would like to work on, chunk by chunk at our own pace, and export either the whole thing or just one portion at a time.
  • Imagine we have already worked on a long book, transcribing and correcting most of it, just to discover that one input sheet would definitely require some image pre-processing or even a new scan.
    In such a case, we would appreciate the ability to insert or replace a few sheets in the book at hand while keeping the other sheets intact, especially the ones already transcribed.

In this chapter, we will discover that Audiveris has now departed from its initial approach of “one input file - one book”.

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