Entity Colors

The sheet window uses different colors to display the entities and the kind of entity that was recognized:

In this example the background of the third measure stack is colored in pink because the rhythm check has failed for this measure (the first note of the upper voice was mistaken for a quarter instead of a half note).

The following foreground colors are used for interpretation items in this window:

  • blue: bars, clefs, times, lyrics
  • purple: accidentals, articulations
  • pale blue / pale rose: non recognized elements (vertical sections / horizontal sections)
  • brown: stems, slurs, normal text (not lyrics)
  • green: note heads (also small heads and augmentation points), flags, rests
  • red: elements in some abnormal status; typically some needed connection is missing (e.g. black note head without stem)

The colors help the user for a first glance verification that the transcription was successful or where some corrections will be needed later on.