System Merge

In the Audiveris GRID step, detected staves are gathered into systems, based on barlines found on the left side of the staves.

In a poor quality score image, many black pixels may have disappeared, sometimes leading to broken barlines.

In the example image below, the leading left barline has been damaged, resulting in a wrong detection of systems by the OMR engine.

Left barline broken Resulting grid before fix Resulting grid after fix

Since the 5.2 release, we can manually fix this problem.

We point at the upper system portion, and via the right-click popup menu, navigate to System#n ... and click on “Merge with system below”.

This is a key operation, so we need to confirm the detailed prompt:

And it’s done: a connector was created between the two barline portions and the two system portions merged.

We can still undo/redo the operation.