Cached folders

Table of contents

  1. Purpose
  2. GUI folder
  3. Log folder
  4. Temp folder


Audiveris uses these locations for persistency of internal information.

These files are not meant to be edited, period!

GUI folder

These are opaque files used for GUI lifecycle (notably last position and size of each window)

  • mainFrame.session.xml
  • optionsFrame.session.xml
  • aboutDialog.session.xml
  • etc…
OS GUI folder
Windows %APPDATA%\AudiverisLtd\audiveris
Linux ~/audiveris
MacOS TODO: !!! I DON’T KNOW !!!

Log folder

Each session of Audiveris application creates in this folder a single global dateTtime.log file that covers all log events of the session.

Windows %APPDATA%\AudiverisLtd\audiveris\log
Linux (choice #1) $XDG_CACHE_HOME/AudiverisLtd/audiveris/log
Linux (choice #2) $HOME/.cache/AudiverisLtd/audiveris/log
MacOS $HOME/Library/AudiverisLtd/audiveris/log

Temp folder

It is a temporary storage for various needs, such as saving a snapshot of a score image portion.

TEMP_FOLDER is defined as the direct temp sub-folder of LOG_FOLDER.