Book of Sheets

An image file fed into OMR software contains one or several images. Typically PDF and TIFF formats support the notion of multi-image files while, for example, JPEG or PNG formats can deal only with single-image files.

For Audiveris, using the metaphor of a physical book made of several sheets of paper, this physical containment is modeled as one Book instance (corresponding to the input file) and a sequence of one or several Sheet instances (one sheet corresponding to one image).

Note that a sheet image may contain no music. This happens for example for a title or illustration or simply a blank sheet. In that case, the sheet will later be recognized as “invalid” (from the OMR point of view) and flagged as such.

With Audiveris 5.3, we can now split a book into smaller ones or, conversely, merge small books into a larger one.
This feature is documented in the Split and Merge section.