Software updates

As detailed in the Git Workflow article on Audiveris Wiki:

  • Audiveris development is performed on the specific GitHub “development” branch.
    It is thus continuously available for anyone that pulls and builds the software from source.

  • The default “master” branch is updated only for software releases.
    At this time only, a new release is created and uploaded to the Releases section on GitHub site.

Table of contents

  1. 5.4 (on-going)
  2. 5.3
  3. 5.2
  4. 5.1
  5. 5.0

5.4 (on-going)

  • User Interface
    • Ability to display some inters (augmentation dots by default) in jumbo mode
    • Ability to stop current book processing at next step end
    • Ability to clear the log window
  • Documentation
    • Support for a PDF version of Audiveris Handbook


  • User Interface
    • Editing of staff geometry, at individual line and global staff levels
    • User management of score logical parts, and their mapping to sheet physical parts
    • User editing of newly supported features (multi-measure rests, octave shifts, etc)
  • Engine
    • Support for drums unpitched notation
    • Support of several musical font families for better template matching
    • Support of several text font families
    • Support for multi-measure rests
    • Support for measure repeats for 1, 2 and 4 measures
    • Support for octave shifts (single and multi-line shifts)
    • Support for endings with no left leg, with default number generation
    • Support for two populations of beam height and head size
    • Support for beam thickness specification
    • Support for fingering and plucking
  • Project
    • Use of Tesseract 5.x in legacy mode
    • Support of MusicXML 4.0
    • Generation of Schemas documentation
  • Java
    • Support of Java 17


  • User Interface
    • Ability to move and resize symbols
    • Snapping note heads to staff line/ledgers and stems
    • Repetitive input
    • Ability to merge/split books
    • Ability to merge/split parts via brace handling
    • Ability to merge systems
    • Ability to merge/split chords
    • Ability to modify voice or time slot for chords
    • Support for compound notes (head + stem)
    • Support for key signature cancel (key made of natural signs)
    • Improved support for chord names
    • Better handling of sentences, chord names, lyrics
    • Ability to correct beam thickness scale
    • Ability to limit book processing on selected sheets
    • Support for high DPI devices
    • Internationalization of all menus
  • Engine
    • Better handling of poor-quality scores
    • Support for 1-line percussion staves
    • Detection of 4-line and 6-line tablatures
    • New algorithm for time slots and voices
    • Support for non measure-long whole rests
    • Support for implicit tuplets
    • Support for merged grand staff configuration
    • Support for cross heads
    • Plugin mechanism upgraded for multi-movement exports
  • Project
    • Automated checks for update on GitHub
    • Documentation handled on GitHub Pages
  • Java
    • Support of Java 11
    • Refined dependencies on Java EE, JAXB, etc away from Java 8


  • User Interface
    • Visual separation of shared heads
    • User assignment of fixed-shape symbols
    • Ability to modify scale parameters
  • Engine
    • Augmentation dots apply to shared heads
  • Project
    • Windows binary installers (32 and 64)
  • Java
    • Support of Java 8


  • Engine
    • Creation of .omr project files