.zip files

Table of contents

  1. Purpose
  2. Book
  3. Global


These files are containers mainly used for training material.


A book folder (let’s name it “BOOK”) may contain:

  • BOOK-samples.zip: This is the book samples repository. It gathers all samples (glyph + shape) collected in the book. The advanced user should carefully review (and perhaps edit) all the samples of this local repository, before pushing its content to the global repository.

  • BOOK-images.zip: This is an optional companion of the local samples repository. It contains the related image of each sheet for which at least a sample is present. This allows to display the background context of the sample.

  • BOOK-annotations.zip: This is just an output of Audiveris 5.x, meant for the future page and patch classifiers scheduled for 6.x versions. It provides sheet image and symbol annotations (shape + bounding box) for each recognized inter.


These files are located in the TRAIN_FOLDER. See section on Essential folders.

samples.zip: This is the global samples repository. Its content is based on all local repositories that have been pushed to it. It is the only source for training the glyph classifier.

images.zip: This archive contains the images pushed with samples from local repositories. It can get fairly big, and is used only for visual check, not for training.