Essential folders

Table of contents

  1. Purpose
  2. Config folder
  3. Train folder


This is where Audiveris stores user-specific essential parameters:

Under Windows notably, these are hidden locations by default.
Please do not create or modify these files, unless you are an advanced user and know what you are doing.

Config folder

Audiveris defines a CONFIG_FOLDER for configuration files:

File name Description User-modified application options
logback.xml Logging configuration
plugins.xml Definition of plugins to external programs
user-actions.xml Additional GUI actions

Precise location of CONFIG_FOLDER depends on OS environment:

Windows %APPDATA%\AudiverisLtd\audiveris\config
Linux (choice #1) $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/AudiverisLtd/audiveris
Linux (choice #2) $HOME/.config/AudiverisLtd/audiveris
MacOS $HOME/Library/Application Support/AudiverisLtd/audiveris

Train folder

There is a TRAIN_FOLDER that can be populated with user-specific training material and trained model to override default Audiveris model:

File name Description Trained model and norms for glyph classifier Global repository of training samples Background sheet images of training samples

TRAIN_FOLDER is defined as the direct train sub-folder of CONFIG_FOLDER.