Fingering and Plucking

completed in 5.3

These are technical informations for guitar or similar instrument, to indicate how a note should be played.

[Assuming a right-handed person]:

  • Fingering describes the left-hand finger, via a digit number (0, 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Plucking describes the right-hand finger, via a letter (p, i, m, a)

Table of contents

  1. Example
  2. Detection
  3. Insertion
  4. Export


Here is an example with fingering indications (in red squares) and plucking indications (in green circles):


The OMR engine must be explicitly told to detect these indications. This can be done via the processing switches in Book | Set Book Parameters pulldown menu:


Regardless of the switches values, we can always manually assign or drag & drop these indications from the shape board:

Shape Set Palette


These indications get exported to MusicXML and are thus visible from MuseScore for example: